Monique Le Gall - Owner of Arts of Healing by Monique

The biggest change I’ve noticed in myself would be this new found confidence and clarity. I have been able to make proactive choices to maintain a healthy mind set, as well as eradicated old negative self-talk of not being able to achieve what I want. This in turn has enabled me to have the determination and clarity of mind to start up my own healing practice.


Mikel Alonso - Australian Market Leader - Transportation, GHD

To summarise my coaching experience, I would have to say it was exciting, promising, and rewarding. With Julia’s approach- the way she heard me, how she  reassured and challenged me, all supported me in achieving my goal.

All in all it was Pretty. Damn. Good.

Jaci Rogash - Life & Empowerment Coach

Now, I wake up with a smile and it’s great! I laugh a lot and I’m less stressed.

I get things done when they need to be done, but am not worried about things and don’t get anxious about anything.

If I were to describe my coaching session with Julia I would say Fulfilling, Discovering, and Awakening.

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