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  • Julia Hemmann

At a crossroads? Here's one question you need to ask yourself.

You’re standing at the crossroads and you feel totally clueless on what to do... And with good reason, you're probably freaking out. In these moments, your thoughts become obsessive, you feel like you want to jump out of your skin, and flight/fight mode lingers way too long for your liking. Other side effects may include nausea and night sweats. These moments don’t come around often so when they do, you'd best pay attention.

So what is it about these rare, giant forks in the road that scare the bejeebers out of us? Why do they create such havoc?

It’s because in these moments, we have entertained an idea or created an opportunity for ourselves which we know, comes at a price. And the price is this: we have to make a decision.

Sure, we make decisions all the time.. "Do I have a regular coffee or decaf..?" "Should I buy the plain shirt or the striped one?" "Do I stay in, or have a night out on the town?" But when you’re at a crossroads, it’s different.

Decisions, decisions...

These are the kinds of decisions that can quite possibly change the course of your life and put you on a totally different trajectory to god knows where. It could be a decision that changes or puts an end to something you've known, or been doing for years. Maybe it’s a decision that’ll paint a totally different image of your life. Perhaps it’s a decision that drags you back to the starting line. Or maybe it’s a decision that forces you to evolve as a person. Who wouldn’t be a tad nervous!

Now, I'm not saying we should be saying "yes" to every idea that pops into our minds without giving it any thought. That would be crazy! But when something comes up that feels right, it excites you and you feel a sense of expansion just thinking about it, or it's a wonderful opportunity for you to grow, this is when you need to ask yourself one key question:

“Am I brave enough and willing to take a leap of faith into the unknown and explore something I’ve never experienced before, or am I going to continue with the way things are?”

The interesting thing about these moments is, they’re a rare opportunity for us to expand our experience in this one life we have. Sounds dramatic but it's true.

Are you willing to take a leap of faith into the unknown?

Unfortunately these teeny tiny windows of opportunity tend to have a very short life span. And what often happens is that if we don’t strike while the iron’s hot, the opportunity to act closes up very quickly.

When resistance or hesitation becomes too strong, or we don’t give enough air time to our thoughts about what’s possible, it’s not too long before we begin to reverse and back away from the crossroads, returning to the way things are. And then it can be years before we summon up the strength once again, to reconsider.

Often clients I work with approach me when they find themselves at a crossroads. An idea (or few) has been brewing at the back of their minds, they're feeling a bit antsy, unsure and perhaps overwhelmed by all the things they have to think about... To me though, they've struck when the irons red hot. And boy do I get excited.

Because what they are doing is opening that window a little wider, bringing in more air so that they can get some clarity and focus, explore options, understand and work through risk, uncover best case scenarios and search for possibilities.

And the main reason they do this is, is this:

At the end of the day, they want to make a decision about their life that they won’t regret.

Now over to you. Have you found yourself at a major crossroads before? Did you decide to leap into the unknown? What changed for you and how do you feel about it looking back?