How much distance is there between where you are today, and your idea of an extraordinary life?


Are there areas in your life that aren't so hot (but you know could be on FIRE)? Is it your health & wellbeing? Your career? Relationships? Is it your confidence? Perhaps you blatantly just feel a bit lost.


What would it be like if you could turn it around? And what it would feel like?

"The biggest change I’ve noticed in myself would be this new found confidence and clarity. 

Monique Le Gall - Owner of Arts of Healing by Monique

Now let me ask you this: 


How do you spend your time, effort and energy? 


What it is that's getting in the way of you having what you want right now? Could it be:

  • You're focusing on the 'what ifs' or the 'potential' risks of going for what you want? Or worse, what other people might think?

  • It's not the right time?

  • You think you've gone too far down the rabbit hole and can't back out?

  • You're not hungry enough for what you want so you'd only act if it's a must?

  • You think you don't deserve what you want?

  • You think you don't have the right resources (time, money, skill)?

I know just how restrictive these reasons can feel and how hard it is to free yourself from them... but I'm going to drop a truth bomb right now.

*Brace yourself* 

The biggest thing that's limiting you from having (or being) what you want is the limitations you set on yourself and how strongly you believe in them. 

Now before you click that X on the top of this tab, never to return, let me tell you one more thing- (there's good news buried in the carnage).

Since you've had the power all along to create everything you have in your life right now, you've got the power to keep going in life + more. In fact, I don't even think the sky's the limit. 

Now, this is where I come in.

As a personal development and mindset coach, my focus is on two key areas:

  1. How to overcome that feeling of being in a royal rut and believing life = struggle; and

  2. Understanding what it takes to live an extraordinary life and bring your A-game to everything you do.

What does that mean for you? It means that if you want to progress, grow, change or achieve something that's important to you, but you're struggling, you might want to consider a coaching series!

Progress and growth doesn't magically appear from wishful thinking, or expecting someone else to step-up, or waiting for the stars to align. And it doesn't come about every time you say "one day when the time is right" because it just won't happen. Not until you're committed to taking action.

Progress and growth takes clarity, a real hunger, support, commitment, and massive action.

And unlike seeing a therapist where they'll take you back in time to help you heal past wounds or a mentor who will advise you what to do based on their experience, or that friend that might think you're cray-cray and then digresses... with coaching, the focus is on YOU moving forward. 

We'll develop an action plan and figure out how to bring you closer to what you want.

When you work with me, we'll get you from where you're at, to where you want to be. Even if you're not 100% certain what that means right now. See, I know for a fact that catching up regularly, spending 60+ uninterrupted minutes to focus on you and your goals, shifting your mindset,  being accountable, supported, and taking consistent action and is what makes. things. happen.

What gets me excitedly nauseous about coaching, is just how driven clients are when they put their heart and soul into what they want, and they have the time and space to work towards it. It's witnessing them realise all their hidden potential. It's all the wins I get to hear about every time they take action between our sessions. 

If you're thinking "oh em gee I need this" but you have no idea what I mean by a coaching series, then let me fill you in! 

A coaching series is a set number of one on one session with me!

It has a start and end date and we get to catch up every two weeks. Want more details? Let's break it down for you.

Your personalised coaching series includes:

  • Detailed Coaching Questionnaire

This questionnaire is designed for you to dig deep before you've even started. This is the start of your journey where you'll get real honest with yourself and start thinking about what you want and what's important.

  • Complimentary Consultation 

We'll catch up for 45 productive minutes. This complimentary session will give us time to discuss your responses to your questionnaire which will help us understand the areas you want to work on most. This is a great opportunity to get any burning questions answered and we'll find out whether we'd be a great fit. (PS there's zero pressure to commit at this stage- if you don't feel it's right for you, that's totally fine!)

  • Foundations Session

This comprehensive session (up to 90 minutes) marks the beginning of your coaching series. This is where we narrow down and get clarity on what you'll be focusing on during our time together. You'll be guided through an effective goal setting strategy that'll keep you connected to what you're working towards. You'll also come up with your first set of actions to get you started immediately.

  • Coaching Sessions

Your coaching series will then include fortnightly coaching sessions that go for 60 minutes. This is where the magic happens. Each session we'll dive into how you're feeling about your goals and check in on your progress. We'll talk about what you've discovered between sessions and we'll keep exploring your options and next steps to bring you closer to your goals. Always. Moving. Forward. This is when you notice your strengths, your inner drive and confidence growing. 

  • Tailored worksheets and resources

Depending on your goal areas and what your needs are, together we'll discuss what material might be helpful for you. These can be useful if you want to get your creative juices flowing or to help you gain more clarity and focus during your series.

  • Unlimited email support 

Throughout your coaching series, you can keep in touch between sessions by email where you can keep me posted, check-in and have a sounding board or just get that extra support in case you get stuck! I've got your back baby. Personally, I've found it to be really helpful to keep things moving!​

If you haven't jumped the gun yet and booked your complimentary call (why not?) because you want to know more like...

What are my options?

What's the investment?

If it's not for me, how can I bail?

How exactly do we work out the logistics?


Then I've got you covered. Keep reading ;)


Yep! When it comes to a coaching series, you've got not one, but two options! We can talk through which one might be best for you, but for now, here are some pointers to help you out.

"Life-styled" SERIES

(Three Month Coaching Series)


If you have up to two goals or two areas in your life you'd like to work on then this series is for you! The Life-styled Series is a Three Month Coaching Series (or six sessions)  designed to help you form and cultivate new habits, explore your potential, boost confidence and get results. If you're working towards big life changes, this series will certainly lay the foundations and give you all the tools you need to create the shifts you're after.

Investment when you sign up in 2020:

AUD $279 per month + GST or

AUD $749 + GST when paid upfront (10% discount).

"Once And For All" SERIES

(Six Month Coaching Series)


Is there something meaningful you want to achieve? Have you set your sights on something that needs a lot of time, planning and action steps? Perhaps you've got some deep personal work and growth you need to do. This package may just be the transformational support you need. A Six Month Coaching Series (or 12 sessions) can quite literally change your life. You'll have the ongoing support to make sure you're living life on your terms.

Investment when you sign up in 2019:

AUD $279 per month + GST or

AUD $1,499 + GST when paid upfront (10% discount).

“There’s no way I would have believed all this was achievable at the start of the series!”

Mikel Alonso- Australian Market Leader - Transportation, GHD


If you've got a few more questions or you're on the fence about whether this is right for you, then I've got you covered. Here is a list of queries that often come up about coaching. You can also see the FAQ section for general info.


Again, feel free to make the most of a complimentary consult so that you can get a better idea on whether this is right for you or to simply ask more.

What value do I get from coaching?
Is it worth the financial investment?
How can I convince my partner?
Is the duration of the series important?
Will I get results?
What style of coaching is used? What's it based on? 
Why Julia? Is she the right coach for me?
Will the experience be less effective if coaching is done via video conferencing or over the phone? 

“I would confidently recommend your services to anyone ready to make some huge positive changes in their life.”

Monique Le Gall - Owner of Arts of Healing by Monique


We want coaching to work for you and for it to be a success and so if you feel after your second session that a coaching series is no longer right for you, I'll gladly refund any sessions that have been prepaid after session 2 and you'll be released from your coaching commitment. 


It's really easy to get you started! All you have to do is fill out this questionnaire. Once you've submitted your answers,  you'll be taken to my calendar where you can book your complimentary consultation.  You'll then receive an email which also includes the link to my calendar + further details.

Naturally, we'll have our catch up and depending on how we go, we'll take it from there!


Have a specific goal you're working towards with a set time limit? Places are limited each month so it's best to book in sooner rather than later. Remember, the sooner you take action, the sooner you'll see results.


If you have any questions about availabilities, please reach out to me here

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