A nd I'm a certified coach with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy from Victoria, Australia. You're probably wondering what kind of gal you've stumbled upon so you're about to get the 411.


My kindle

Sex and the City (not so much the movies)

Game of Thrones- I can't tell you how many times I've clapped at the TV 'cause of this show

My little humans- Luca & Pé

Clothes, when they actually work with my uber petite body (nothing fits)

Hiding under the covers, reading self-help and personal development stuff on my phone

Hot pudding type desserts with ice-cream ideally vegan 


Having only 2% battery on my phone when I really need it

People that are way too negative when it's really not necessary

When my kids are up before 6:00 am

"Step into your power/greatness/authentic self", "Radical self-love", "Abundant goddess warrior" popping up on my screen - (tell it to me straight pls. )

Cooking under pressure

Spending way too much time online looking at things I can't afford (this one might belong under 'likes'?)


What I do:

I write and I coach. In a nutshell, I help people figure out what they really want, or what's bothering them, and we do something about it! 

Whether it's finishing off that never-ending project (or starting); figuring out how to ditch the job (or if you should?), creating an awesome side hustle/business or creating major shifts in your life so that you can take better care of you- we can work on it. 


We go on a process of what I like to think of it as- personal development boot camp. It's challenging, there's a lot of work involved, but when you push through and persevere, that's when you see results!


Why do I do it?

Well, simply put, I LOVE IT. 

Going on a transformational journey with clients is an extremely humbling, inspiring and exciting experience. I get to have the kinds of conversations with people that are so rare these days. Nothing is superficial, everything is on the table and it's down to business. When I working with clients I'm fortunate to witness rapid growth, human potential and achievement unravel before my very eyes and it's awesome.

- Oprah Winfrey -


Well, in a nutshell.. 

In a former life, I was an engineering consultant working on major infrastructure projects whilst juggling a three hour per day commute, two kids under four and running a household. My LIFE was my (unhealthy) work out. I was trying to do it all and have it all.

For years I was distracted by making sure I 'fit' into society. I  believed to be successful, I had to study the 'right' subjects, get the 'right' degree and land a respectable career. And unless I was under constant pressure or stress, then I wasn't going to get anywhere.. because 'life is hard' and so you gotta 'work harder'.

Nowhere in that equation did happiness or purpose come up.

So naturally at 31, after doing all the 'right' things, I looked great on paper. I had a honours degree in Civil Engineering & Infrastructure, a career with one of the country's most sought out engineering consultancies, a beautiful family and a home of our own. It all seemed peachy. But inside, something was off. I was under chronic stress and I couldn't understand, with all the blessings I had in my life, why I felt so unhappy. And it didn't matter what techniques I tried to lift my mood, nothing would work. To top it all off I felt guilty for being unhappy rather than grateful.

When I finally figured out what was going on, one key discovery I made was that I let 'everyone' (and by everyone I mean MY perception of society's expectations) dictate my life. All key decisions when it came to designing my life were driven by what I thought was expected of me, rather than the life I wanted to have. 

I let my happiness and sense of fulfilment slide for the sake of 'fitting in'. But what was really missing was living with purpose. What I wanted to share with the world was my desire to connect, support and empower others on a personal level. And I wasn't doing any of that.​

Luckily, from the moment I realised I had made a huge detour in my life back in 2017, every step I have taken since has been to bring happiness and fulfilment into my life (and not just on weekends). It pretty much lead me to my purpose: 'to support others in discovering what it takes to live a fulfilled life so that we have a shot at turning the fate of our humanity around'.

You see, supporting others has always been in my nature (ask my family). Every time I was being useful or making a difference in people's lives, those were the times I felt a sense of purpose and fulfilment. At the same time I've always been curious about the power of the human mind. I'm always fascinated by the people who manage to rise above and succeed at what they set out to do, even when all the odds were stacked against them. I think coaching was my calling hey!

The good news is ever since I made my discovery, every choice I've made since has been to align myself with my purpose and also, to make sure I'm showing up the way I want to show up in my life. 

And whilst this has been my experience, from what I know, there are countless others who are going through what I've described and this is why I'm determined to support as many people as I can through coaching- to help reduce what isn't working in their lives and learn to bring more of the good stuff in. 

Let's jump on a call and uncover what's in store for you!


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